Wanna Cool Off? Check out these Great Swimming Holes!

If you’re looking to cool off this weekend and maybe looking for a fun new place to take a dip…then you may want to visit this great website!

Www.swimmingholes.org is a comprehensive state-by-state website that provides details on some of the best places to take your kids for some fun! The Massachusetts’ page includes detailed descriptions of 37 swimming holes that may be worth a visit – the site even tells you whether the spot may have a waterfall, monkey rope or some other feature that’s worth visiting.

I have to give my friend Jeff Terrey a hat-tip for suggesting this site. He’s found a lot of great spots thanks to this site and wanted to spread the word….enjoy!

One Response to “Wanna Cool Off? Check out these Great Swimming Holes!”
  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for the tip on the swimming holes site…great resource. I found your site as I was testing google’s search engine for my own new blog, http://www.bobbingacrossamerica.com, a site to list great off-road places to walk/run with a jogging stroller…hoping to eventually have a state-by-state guide like the swimming holes site. I am a MA native (from Bolton, went to UNH) and my oldest brother still lives there, in Manchester, but the rest of us are out west now….if you get out off the beaten path much with your stroller and could jot down a few places that are nice for scenery, etc. I would love to post on my site. So far it’s just the west I’m covering…..email me at susaneyoung@gmail.com. Thanks!

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