The Active Dad App Review: AccuTerra Mobile

I’ve been meaning to write about this new app since I set up my new blog. During the fall, the family and I headed out for a hike up at Cardigan State Forest in New Hampshire. Not knowing the trail that well, and finding little information about maps of the park online, I decided to download the AccuTerra app for my Iphone as a backup.

The app boasts that it has over 220,000 miles of trails available for download, which explains why it’s been a big hit with hikers. Essentially Accurterra has built off the google map platform, where you can track your position through GPS to pinpoint your satellite location. But, the cool thing is that Accuterra allows you to pinpoint large areas (grids) on a map where you can add additional layers,  including state and national park trail maps. Touch on an area of the map and a whole host of maps will pop up for you to download – in detailed 3D.

After you’ve downloaded your maps, you can start “tracking” your hike. Here the app not only provides elevation, speed, distance and time of your hike – but it leaves virtual breadcrumbs for you on your online map for you in case you get lost. Some other cool features include the ability to post pics along the way, which would be pinpointed to exact spots on your map for future reference. Best of all, this app can be used with maps OFFLINE, providing you with helpful 3D information without cell coverage.

My only complaint is that the app is not very user friendly. You really need to learn how to use this app on your own – the interface does not provide you with clear-cut directions on how to use it, from downloading maps to sharing your trip information only with others. It seems like the best use of this map is if you plan on doing some extended hiking in a state or national park.

The app receives 4 out of 5 stars from users on Apple and sells for $4.99. There is also a free lite version, but don’t bother…it’s not worth it.

Let me know what you think!

Here are some screen images of the app:

2 Responses to “The Active Dad App Review: AccuTerra Mobile”
  1. ron says:

    Hello, I’m considering purchasing this app. I live in the seacoast NH and want to track local hikes and trail runs. How are comprehensive are the trail maps for NH? I appreciate any feedback.

  2. Hey The Active Dad – That is great! Being a diabetic really can have its good and bad, but info like this is really welcome to make it a little easier. Thanks so much sharing this!

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