Jogging Strollers: The Bob or The Chariot?

UPDATE: The BOB jogging strollers have been voluntarily recalled today by the US Consumer Product Commission for posing a strangulation hazard for children. Looks like this may tip the balance  with my review below.


Wanted to drop a quick post about jogging strollers. My wife is going to kill me, but I’m starting to thinking about changing our beloved stroller for something new.

We’ve had the Duallie for over four years, and it’s been an amazing purchase. As some of you know, the Duallie Bob is the absolute cadillac of jogging strollers and we’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of it. This thing has been everywhere with us…we love to use it on long walks, hikes, trips to the park, the mall, and even to the beach. It’s a very durable stroller that will take a beating…and the kids love it. Just this past fall, we took the Bob up to Acadia for a 10-mile stroll with the kids. But on the flip side, it’s a beast! It weighs a ton (32lbs), can be difficult to open up and close, and god forbid you accidentally step on the safety strap or HUGE parking brake….you better make sure the kids are strapped in so they don’t whack themselves on the snack trays! Oh, and there is no way in hell anyone’s ever really jogged with a Duallie. I’ve tried it, impossible.

So, with the arrival of a new baby in June, I’m starting to think about trading in the Duallie for something else. Fellow blogger, Velo Mom, just posted a review on the Chariot Carrier that has piqued my interest. Unlike the BOB, these carriers can be attached to a bike (or even) and includes a self-enclosed rain cover. The brakes are attached to the handlebars, which also seems like a safer option. The storage area is up near the handlebars, unlike the Bob, which is underneath the stroller and sometimes tough to get to on the fly. It also weighs a bit less than the Bob. REI customers give this a solid 4.5 stars.  One major downside – it’s even more

expensive than the already pricey Bob!

There are other products out there, including strollers from Burley that are worth checking out too. I’ve got a few more months this offseason to explore my options before the baby comes!

Any other suggestions out there for me?


5 Responses to “Jogging Strollers: The Bob or The Chariot?”
  1. Jen says:

    What I always tell people is that if you get the Chariot right away, don’t need another stroller and will use it for at least 2 sports (bike,jog or ski) then it is worth the investment. I have also seen slightly used one sell for big $ on ebay so you can get some money back. Congrats on the addition in June!

  2. You’ll be happy to learn that BOB finally moved the long and awkward run away strap from the rear axle to the handlebar for the 2011 Revolution models, no more stepping on it. The brake does stay the dame, so we’re halfway there:) The other notable new features are a new seat with more padding and a stiff structure (improved from the sling style seats of yore), super easy car seat adaptor installation with car seats actually locking in, a CHICCO adaptor, new colors and fabric, a larger canapy, and my absolute favorite (especially for duallie) they added a lock when folded…no more wrestling that monster into the car while it pops open. It’s the little things, right? I’ll have to check out the Chariot, looks great.
    I’m really enjoying your posts, great job.
    Check us out at
    Enjoy your weekend and best wishes to you, your family, and the new babe.
    Baby Go Round

    • Anna says:

      One major difference between a chariot and bob is that a chariot does NOT fit through standard doors – so if you kids fall asleep in the chariot, you have to leave them outside, you cannot roll them inside your house (unless you have an enormous front door). There are several stores in my neighbourhood whose incoming doors are slightly larger than standard but exit doors are standard size. You can imagine the annoyance of trying to get out of the store waiting to sneak out the entrance when some incoming person triggers the door to open.

      While the chariot is reasonable for jogging with (we’ve had it for 5 yrs), I doubt it’s much easier to jog with than a Bob. The difference in weight is minimal and it is a beast when folded. I still have to take the 20in wheels off to get it into my Toyota Sienna minivan, unless I fold the entire back seat down. So while you are thinking of trading in your Bob, I”m thinking of trading in my Chariot for a Bob!

  3. BikeMe says:

    As far as a true “running” jogger, the Chariots offer the most stride clearance than either the bob or burley brands. When pulling on a bike, the Chariot is more aerodynamic. We have a Cougar 1 and it’s the most versatile carrier out there (I’ve owned Baby Jogger, Bob, and Burley in the past).

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