Let’s Go Sledding!

Hey guys,

Over the weekend, Boston.com posted a blog about the 40 best places to sled in and around Boston. A few friends of the Active Dad Blog agreed with some of these sites, including Larz Anderson Park in Brookline due to its hills and Spy Pond in Arlington. Boston.com also managed to pick up my all-time two favorite places to sled….Mount Hood in Melrose and Glendale Park in Everett!

It’s been a while, but I bet that Glendale is not so much fun as the ole days since they built the new high school on the steepest part of the hill…although it’s probably a much safer ride these days. Back when I was younger, kids would fly down that hill and crash right into the baseball field backstop – sprained and broken limbs seemed like the norm on that hill. Now that I’m living in the suburbs, I’m looking for some new, safe spots to take my kids. Next up on my list is Woodsom Farm in Amesbury! Looking forward to taking the boys for their first outing.


One Response to “Let’s Go Sledding!”
  1. Jeff Wise says:

    I used to live in Connecticut so I know there are tons of good places to sled up there. I live in Tennessee now and we’ve had a few snows (nothing like CT) and we just have to make due. I take my girls to the backyard as we have a slight hill and we have tons of fun.

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