Active Dad Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Jacket!

Hey everyone,

From time to time, I plan on posting about cool gear, equipment and clothing that I’ve picked up, which I believe are worth sharing with others. Today is all about the LL Bean Ultralight 850 Down Jacket. Costing less than $150 and weighing under 1lb (yes, that’s right it weighs ounces!!), this coat is all you need this winter. I’ve looked around everywhere for a solid winter coat including North Face, Patagonia, and EMS but have found all of their jackets to be both overpriced and too bulky. What I find is that you’re paying for a label, but not always getting quality for the price.

But the 850 is truly a remarkable product. After I tried it on, I thought “this is way too light, it doesn’t even feel like i’m wearing anything.” It’s very comfortable and soft, not something that I expect from my winter coat. I also figured that there is no way that this would keep me warm, but according to LL Bean the jacket has a Comfort Range between 25 degrees  for normal activity (while you are slowly walking) to -25 degrees during moderate activity (such as hiking or snowshoeing). The jacket also has a built-in mesh pocket which the jacket can collapse into…so that you can compact it easily in a hiking bag. For me, I can wear this jacket on a cold winter day with a long sleeve shirt – no problem. And the jacket is very slim, unlike those ole Triple Fat Gooses of yesteryear! The jacket comes in navy blue, garnet, and forest moss. The best part is that the jacket’s ripstop material is both water-proof and tear-proof too.

Two other things worth noting. First is LL Bean’s famous return policy. If for any reason this item doesn’t meet your expectations (which I promise it will), just return it. No questions asked. Second, it’s worth hearing from others on this product – not just me. I was surprised to find that, out of 108 online reviewers, this product receives 5 out of 5 stars from everyone on the site. The only negatives I found online is that some have complained that the jacket may occasionally shed some of its down – but I think this is completely overblown. Sure you may see a feather or two, but it’s really no big deal.

I hope you guys find this review helpful. Let me know what you think or if you have other recommendations!


P.S. I think others are catching on about this jacket, after checking the website, the item is now posted as a “limited quantity”. Good luck!


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